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For my policy on things such as spoilers, warning, and ratings, please see [my policy post].

If you'd like to see this rec set with all cuts intact (nicely hiding everything), clicky clicky: [This rec set with cuts intact].

I am immensely, totally, completely, terribly, horribly, and utterly sorry that this has taken so long in coming. I can only offer my apologies and hope that the existence of a rec set does something to make up for it.

And actually, it isn't even a full rec set *facepalm* It's the first half of one though! That has to count for something, as does the fact that it's so bleeding long that it's in two LJ posts, right? (To be honest, I'm not sure if that's a positive or a negative at this point...) The rest of the rec set will be up at some indeterminate time in the future and will be linked here when it exists.

So at long last, I present you with:

Part I*.a** of II: Harry Potter fic recs since HBP(ish)

*because otherwise it would have taken even longer and been even longer
**OMFG, what the fuck, I had to split this up into two posts to fit in LJ's character limits, I'm pretty sure this means I fail at something. Probably knowing when to shut up? *facepalm of ridiculousness*

The prompt for this rec set went something like:
(begin prompt)
Harry Potter fandom; about Harry Potter's generation; very strong preference for fanfic rather than other forms of fanwork; really good writing; written since the publication of HBP, or only just a bit before [for WIPs, the completion date was used ~Fish].
threesomes; UST and the resolution thereof; teamwork and friendships; both low-key and angst (in their separate ways); medium and long stories preferred but the elegance of a character glimpse or a sharp what-if also appreciated; gen is fine; all gender permutations of romance and sex are fine.
spoilers for the story being recced; 7th year fics.
Do not includes:
incest, chan, bestiality.
(end prompt)

The British dates of publication of the HP books )

*drumroll* And now onto the recs proper! *drumroll*

Harry Potter. Fic. And more! oooooh! )

This rec set is continued on in the next post: [constellations of fanworks (or 'An orgy of storytelling'. Which is different than 'storytelling of orgies', FYI.)]

As always, if anyone spots any inaccuracies/dead links/missing info/additional transformative works, please let me know.
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For my policy on things such as spoilers, warning, and ratings, please see [my policy post].

If you'd like to see this rec set with all cuts intact (nicely hiding everything), clicky clicky: [This post with cuts intact].

I've had to split this rec set into two LJ posts due to size, but it's also kind of convenient from a thematic point of view. [The first part of this rec set] is in my regular format for recs, but I've done something a bit different with this part. (And I know the requester mostly cares about fic, but I really couldn't write these up any other way, sorry).

There were two constellations of fanworks which I wanted to include on this list which were troublesome to my normal format for the happy-making reason of having too many associated fan works to be able to apply my usual header template unaltered. What I have here are two fics (both fanfic of the Harry Potter series) which each spawned a number of works in a variety of media.

I really really love cases like this-- where we see fen springboarding off of another fan's work. I think the dynamic in these cases is subtly different than that between canon and fanwork-- possibly because of the complete loop which feedback goes producing different sorts of things or possibly it just has to do with the differences in perceived playing field between the two cases and then with that being something that shows up in the work which they create, or possibly it has more to do with how I perceive it, but regardless, it's awesome). Irregardless of the exact reason why, I do love it, and hopefully you do/will too.

The way I've formatted this is to divide this post up into three sections, the first being this blathery section and the second two being the fanwork constellations associated with each fic. In those two sections, I first rec the initiating fic and then the entire constellation. As always, but especially with these works, please do mention any related works which I've unintentionally overlooked!

'Let's Pretend the War Is Over', two arts, one podfic, and a Fish who natters on. )

'Lamp in the Cooling Room', plus three art and one fic. And lots of Fishy rambles )

As always, if anyone spots any inaccuracies/dead links/missing info/additional transformative works, please let me know.
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For my policy on things such as spoilers, warning, and ratings, please see [my policy post].

Once upon a time, a long time ago, [livejournal.com profile] vibrantharmony bought my rec set services for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti. I was given the following prompt:
begin quote Could I get a multifandom rec list? I'm into Merlin, Psych, and SGA (and Smallville and Doctor Who, from your minor list), so any combination from those fandoms would be awesome. As for a prompt, I love funny fics, not crackfic necessarily but more just amusing things or unusual situations. end quote

And here, only an age later, is that rec set. I have at least a few recs in all of the listed fandoms and I threw in some crossovers for good measure. This is mostly fic with the occasional podfic. I am very very sorry that this has taken this long to be finished! I hope you find some new friends in this batch! Thank you for your donation!

ETA: [View this entry with the cuts intact (ie: hiding things)]

Doctor Who, which also includes Torchwood and Captain Jack Harkness**: 3 fics, 1 podfic
**I treat him as his own fandom because, well, it seemed to make sense at the time :)

Witty cut text! )

Merlin (BBC): 3 fics

Witty cut text! )

Psych: 4 fics

Witty cut text! )

SGA: 2 fics, 1 podfic, 2 illustrated fics

Witty cut text! )

Smallville: 4 fics (including 1 associated podfic), 1 fic with occasional illustrations

Witty cut text! )

Crossovers solely among the given fandoms: 4 fics

Witty cut text! )

Crossovers which include other fandoms: 4 fics.
The other fandoms: Fandom RPF, Discworld, NCIS

Witty cut text! )
Podfics: [Highly Classified And Very Hush Hush (mp3)] (14.1 MB, 11:44) // [Strictly on a Need to Know Basis (mp3)] (11.5 MB, 9:36), read by [livejournal.com profile] reena_jenkins (added 4 May 2011)

Author Recs

Three authors. I wanted to rec many more things by these authors than I possibly could, so I'll call them out specifically. )

As always, if anyone spots any inaccuracies/dead links/missing info/additional transformative works (e.g., podfics, commentaries), please let me know.
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*blows dust off comm* Er, it's been a while, hasn't it? I've got a few different rec list ideas burbling in the back of my brain so hopefully I'll be able to start working on one of those in earnest just as soon as I'm done with the fic I'm (frantically) writing up for the [community profile] you_know_thats_right fest (due date: this weekend! eeep!).

Or if you don't trust the depths of my subconscious to come up with themed recs (I wonder if I still have the 'pudding' rec list, or did it get combined with the 'pie/cake' list into a 'delicious nommy foodstuffs' list?), you can make me do what you wish! I'm offering another rec set up at [livejournal.com profile] con_or_bust. The auction closes Saturday, March 13, 11:59 p.m. Eastern. [Another rec set offer by Fish!]
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There was an earthquake and it wasn't pretty. And so, fen, doing what fen so often do, decided that a fanworks auction ([livejournal.com profile] help_haiti) was the thing to do. I can only do so much to help with my own pocket book, so I'm hoping to encourage someone else to donate as well.

[My link at the help-haiti comm]

I'm offering up a rec set to prompter's specifications! Anything you want, I will answer to the best of my ability! This is a great way to, for example, ask me for zombie fics *shudders*. Or really, anything else you think I wouldn't normally do. Or! You can ask for something that I might already do but this way you will ensure that I do that rec list next! I imagine the bidding for me is going to be less than fierce, so why not donate something small and watch me dance to your bidding. *Dance, puppet, dance!* :)

And you might be saying, but Fish, you are busy? To which I reply: Yes, yes I am. That's why I specifically state that it will take however long it takes.

My thoughts on fan auctions such as these and why they don't bother me (NB, this gets a bit rambling but I think I used up my coherence on the rest of this post so I daren't chance editing it. Oh well, should be amusing?) )

Cut text hides my advert info )
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For my policy on things such as spoilers, warning, and ratings, please [see my policy post].

I offered recs to [livejournal.com profile] pixiequeen10thk because she's just come into SPN fandom and I've been here a while. She asked for long, plotty stories (with the occasional sex scene), happy endings are awesome (but crying on the way is permissible), prefers Dean/Castiel and is squicked by incest.

This rec list actually gave me a bit of trouble as I had less overlap between her preferences and fics I read/liked than I had expected. Part of that is I think of angels as sexless beings and thus haven't read very much Dean/Castiel (and what I do like within that pairing isn't likely to be a favourite of a D/C shipper) but another part is certainly that I seem to collect a high percentage of crack/humour in this fandom compared to fandom standard. Anyway, I hope you enjoy at least some of what I have here!

a dozen-ish fics, 1 podfic, 1 art, 3 crossovers (SGA, Criminal Minds, Blade Runner). )
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For my policy on things such as spoilers, warning, and ratings, please [see my policy post].

The motivation for this rec set is thusly: A few weeks ago [livejournal.com profile] winkingstar mentioned how it was sad that Madame Pince, Hogwarts Librarian, only ever showed up in the books when she was flying into a rage and shushing students. I pointed out [Every Librarian Has Her Day] (because fanfic always comes to the rescue). [livejournal.com profile] winkingstar then asked me if I had any recs of comforting/canon-repairing, non-trio-focused, non-explicit Harry Potter fics. Sadly, many of my Harry Potter bookmarks have been lots to the electrons of time (rather like the Dodo) so this list is the best stab I can make at the moment.

Story: The Last Mudblood 2.0
Author: [livejournal.com profile] furiosity
Fandom, etc: Gen, PG-13 to R, 10K words
Author's Summary: The war is over, and Voldemort has won. Harry Potter is dead. Neville Longbottom is a Death Eater, and together with Draco Malfoy they lead a manhunt for Hermione Granger. It's really that simple. Or is it?
Contains: Character death. Violence. Language. Allusion to rape. Dark themes.
My Notes: Even though this story is on the darker side I like it quite a bit. (Spoilerwarning--Neville isn't actually evil.) Neville is a really lovely secret agent in this. It is sad looking at how far the resistance has fallen, but Neville himself and the ending give me hope that things might be on the upswing in this universe. (N.B.: The '2.0' in the title is because this is a rewrite of one of her earliest stories to bring it in line with HBP canon.)
Why it fits: Neville is being awesome in a difficult situation.

Story: The Little Ones
Author: [livejournal.com profile] furiosity
Fandom, etc: PG, gen, 2K words
Characters: Ginny, Molly, Luna, Neville
Author's Summary: Not all is well at Platform Nine and Three Quarters.
My Notes: Another one I love for the realistic aspect. This is a scene I doubt JKR would have written and her stories are poorer for it.
Why it fits: Minor characters behaving courageously.

Story: Goyle's War
Author: [livejournal.com profile] meddow
Fandom, etc: PG, gen, 7200 words
Author's Summary: Voldemort has fallen and Hogwarts along with him and now a new wizarding world exists, one that does not seem to have a place for Gregory Goyle.
My Notes: I'm generally not a big fan of Crabbe or Goyle, but this fic made Goyle sympathetic. I loved watching Goyle figure out how he fits into this new world.
Why it fits: Minor character plus 'what happens after'.

Story: The LoP 'verse
Author: AJ Hall
Fandom, etc: Draco/Neville, R, two novels and several short stories/novellas.
Contains: Contains references to topics which some might find triggering.
My Notes: I like this series kind of an amazing amount. I love the author's characterisations of Neville and Draco and her portrayals of Narcissa and Neville's Grandmother are awesome (her Ginny, who shows up only briefly, is one of my favourite Ginnies ever). There are realistic and wonderful OCs, tricky plot-lines, and a crossover with Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan universe ('Time Shall Not Mend').
Why it fits: Lovely Neville characterisation. These stories were written before book seven, and as such, they show a different war against Voldemort. 'Ships That Pass' and 'Time Shall Not Mend' both take place during the war, and in my opinion, offer a more interesting (for the reader) war (written pre-Horcrux).

Story: Upon Reflection
Author: Nope
Fandom, etc: gen, PG (for potty-mouths), 1000 words.
Author's Summary: None given
My Summary: Sirius gets stuck in Draco's mirror after he goes through the veil.
My Notes: A funny, short piece.
Why it fits: Sirius's death made many fen angry. Not that I'm certain being stuck in Draco's mirror is a much better fate :)

Title: Switch
Author: [livejournal.com profile] corvidae9
Fandom, etc.: gen, G, 1900 words.
Author's Summary: The Sorting Hat has sorted thousands of students in the course of its life. If it makes a mistake or two, who's to say it's wrong? Certainly not Fred or George Weasley.
Author Notes: Written for the [livejournal.com profile] omniocular September challenge - The Harry Potter AU Extravaganza prompt 40 - A prank by Fred and George confuses the Sorting Hat in Harry's first year, resulting in horrible house mismatches.
My Thoughts: This is the first in a series of stories ('verse tag [here]) which retell (in short-story length, not novel-length) the HP books, but with the students in the Houses assigned to them by the drunken Sorting Hat (WIP, first two years are complete). There is a strong ensemble cast and many of the minor characters from canon have larger roles.
Why it fits: I like funny, light-hearted fics. Also, I know some fans don't like the idea of Sorting (either at such a young age or at all), so this turns that on its head.

As per usual, if I've got inaccuracies, broken links, or missing info (especially podfics, DVD commentaries, and sequels/prequels), please do let me know.

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