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Once upon a time, a long time ago, [livejournal.com profile] vibrantharmony bought my rec set services for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti. I was given the following prompt:
begin quote Could I get a multifandom rec list? I'm into Merlin, Psych, and SGA (and Smallville and Doctor Who, from your minor list), so any combination from those fandoms would be awesome. As for a prompt, I love funny fics, not crackfic necessarily but more just amusing things or unusual situations. end quote

And here, only an age later, is that rec set. I have at least a few recs in all of the listed fandoms and I threw in some crossovers for good measure. This is mostly fic with the occasional podfic. I am very very sorry that this has taken this long to be finished! I hope you find some new friends in this batch! Thank you for your donation!

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Doctor Who, which also includes Torchwood and Captain Jack Harkness**: 3 fics, 1 podfic
**I treat him as his own fandom because, well, it seemed to make sense at the time :)

Story: The Idiots Guide to Foiling Alien Invasions (AOOO)
Author: [personal profile] netgirl_y2k // [livejournal.com profile] netgirl_y2k // [Netgirl_y2k (AOOO)] // [Netgirl_y2k (Teaspoon)]
Fandom, etc.: Doctor Who (with a dash of Sarah Jane), gen, rated G, 19k words
Author's Summary: Jackie and Mickey save the day by bickering, drinking lots of tea and spending a lot of time in the pub in the middle of the day.
My Notes: A wonderful Jackie and Mickey friendship piece. With cameos by Sarah Jane and Donna! Don't you want to read it already? Also, haven't you always wondered how the Doctor managed to be on Earth every time there's troubles with aliens? Clearly he isn't here every time there's something off and it's left to those on Earth with experiences with aliens to fix things (well, yes, there's UNIT and Torchwood and such too, but whatever *handwaves* my point was, awesome).
Why it fits: This is utterly delightful and very in-character.
Alternate links: [The Idiots Guide to Foiling Alien Invasions (Teaspoon)] and [The Idiots Guide to Foiling Alien Invasions (DW)]

Story: Spitting Images (AOOO)
Author: [personal profile] netgirl_y2k // [livejournal.com profile] netgirl_y2k // [Netgirl_y2k (AOOO)] // [Netgirl_y2k (Teaspoon)]
Fandom, etc.: Doctor Who, gen, rated G, 2K words
Author's Summary: Donna Noble for Eleven?
My Notes: A nice fix-it for the mind-wipe thing that happened to Donna on the show and a lovely voice here for DoctorDonna.
Why it fits: As best as I can reckon, this is exactly fits your prompt. :)
Alternate links: [Spitting Images (DW)]

Story: The Tastes of Aliens
Author: [livejournal.com profile] out_there
Fandom: Torchwood and Captain Jack Harkness
Stats: gennish, rated G, 1 LJ post
Podfic: [The Tastes of Aliens] read by [livejournal.com profile] jadesfire2808//[personal profile] jadesfire, 10:03, 4.0MB (mp3)
Author's Summary: One of the best things about having a team was being able to observe them unnoticed. Like a nature documentary: watching them in their natural habitat. It was fun.
My Notes (story): The team discusses (and Jack eavesdrops on before joining in) what the sexiest food ever is, which you just know is the sort of slice-of-life thing which must occur but that we're never really shown on the show. (Sidebar: this is the story that keeps making me think of writing Tosh/Kaylee (from Firefly) for the 'food' square of either [livejournal.com profile] cliche_bingo or [community profile] kink_bingo, not that I have that square on either card, actually.)
My Notes (podfic): Lovely reading by Jadesfire :)
Why it fits: Worth it just for what Captain Jack Harkness claims is the sexiest food ever and the story he tells to justify his choice.

Merlin (BBC): 3 fics

Story: The Joy Of Joyness, or a study of the effects of enchanted lion milk
Author: [livejournal.com profile] luchia13
Fandom, etc.: Merlin (BBC), rated PG-13, 4K words
Pairings: Well, I see this as gen-ish, but the author says Ahem. MORGANA/GWEN, ARTHUR/MORGANA, ARTHUR/GWEN, ARTHUR/MERLIN, MERLIN/MORGANA, MERLIN/GWEN, and then OT4. YAY. so YMMV. :)
Contains: [skip] The characters have been drugged with magically enchanted lion milk which the author in her headers states is like ecstasy.
Author's Summary: A wizard attempts to kill Uther using magical milk. Uther doesn't drink milk. Just about everyone else does, though! \o/
My Notes and why it fits: Light-hearted and sweet. I love the image of the four of them cuddled up against the lion. Also, watching the guards (& other folks not hopped up on lion's milk) interact with those who have imbibed is fun.

Story: The Incident with the Thingy, or Arthur's Adventures in Spying
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sparky77
Fandom, etc.: Merlin (BBC), Merlin/Arthur, rated R, 1 LJ post in length
Author's Summary: Arthur is a spy. Merlin is his handler. What? It makes perfect sense. Really.
My Notes and Why it fits: This makes me chortle with laughter. (Modern-day AU. I'm sure it's not terribly realistic although as I know next to nothing about the spy business, that doesn't trouble me *g*.)

Story: Camelot FM - The Lost Recordings
Author: [livejournal.com profile] magog_83
Fandom, etc.: Merlin (BBC), Merlin/Arthur, PG (for language), 2080 words
Podfic: Not extant, although I think it would make an excellent multi-voice project.
Author's Summary: Six recordings recovered from Merlin's rather eventful foray into radio presenting. Since banned by order of His Highness, Prince Arthur.
My Notes: The characterisations of Merlin and Arthur are great, as are their interactions. And poor long-suffering Gaius, having to put up with Merlin *grin*, who evidently doesn't care if he annoys Arthur. Rereading the fic, I noticed that it's an entirely-dialogue fic, which I didn't notice at all when I first read it because I was so caught up in the story. Extra bonus funtimes: In my mind, this is set during the time-period of the show, except with radio (which you have to admit fits right in with all the rest of the anachronisms which the BBC gives us on this show), which is somehow really amusing to me.
Why it fits: I was chuckling through the entire story! The author packs a lot of funny into 2k words.

Psych: 4 fics

Story: sweet, sweet pineapple (DW)
Author: [personal profile] oxoniensis // [livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis
Fandom, etc.: Psych, gen, rated G, 400 words
First line: "This is unbeweibable!" [no author summary given.]
My Notes and why it fits: Just a moment in the life of Shawn and Gus, which means bantering and teasing. Nice ending.
Alternate links: [sweet, sweet pineapple (LJ)]

Story: Aquatic Equestrianism (AOOO)
Author: [personal profile] trascendenza // [personal profile] trascendenza // [trascendenza (AOOO)]
Fandom, etc.: Psych, Gus/Shawn, PG, ~3,900w. (Has a small shout-out to NCIS too.)
Author's Summary: The one where they're mermen. "You are outta your damn mind if you think that dolphin wants to be ridden."
My Notes: Good translation of characters into mer-folk and mer-situations (e.g., Lassiter has had training in riding all sorts of aquatic mammals, much to Shawn's envy). And I love that even as a merman Shawn still wants to ride a dolphin (for some reason, this aspect of his characterisation really amuses me. Oh, show!). There is witty banter and some very spot-on voices. And a tiny shout-out to NCIS at the end which is extra-hysterical if you know that show as well (but works without knowledge of it).
Why it fits: A merfolk AU of Psych! Complete with extra bonus deleted scene goodness! :)
Alternate links: [Aquatic Equestrianism (LJ)] and [Aquatic Equestrianism (DW)]

Story: Five Times People Thought Gus and Shawn Were On A Date (including the one time they kinda were)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lemmealone // [personal profile] lemmealone // fic comm: [livejournal.com profile] paynodebts
Fandom, etc.: Psych, PG, 1 LJ post long
Pairing: Shawn'n'Gus and/or Shawn/Gus, the author says 'gen(ish)'
Contains: [skip] Vague refs to Mr Yang and Thrillseekers
Author's Summary: Prompt: Everyone thinks Gus and Shawn are dating. Also, an oblique grammar!Gus reference. ;)
My Notes: One of my very favourite bits of Psych is the relationship between Shawn and Gus and this story so very easily slips into how I see them. I like the switching of POVs between scenes and that the different scenes span a range of times.
Why it fits: Utterly adorable in a completely in-character manner. Every now and then I remember scenes from this fic and smiiiiiiile.

Story: Untitled snippet
Author: [livejournal.com profile] basingstoke // [Basingstoke (AOOO)]
Fandom, etc.: Psych, Shawn/Lassiter, explicit, 1 LJ post
First line: "Gus," Shawn said, "I kinda slept with Lassie." [no author summary given.]
My Notes: Upon occasion I will read a Shawn/Lassiter fic despite Gus/Shawn being my OTP of OTPness for this show. This one was amusing because it is Shawn freaking out at Gus about having slept with Lassiter the night before. The character voices and the over-share and the exasperation are all very in the style of canon :)
Why it fits: Very LOL-worthy.

SGA: 2 fics, 1 podfic, 2 illustrated fics

Story: Four Times John and Rodney Furthered the Evolution of Mankind, and One Time They Just Changed History (AOOO)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lavvyan // [ lavvyan (AOOO)]
Fandom, etc.: SGA, PG-13, 2K words
Pairings: Meretron/Sheptron with hints at Dextron/Emmatron, Thecamoeba rodnia/Thecamoeba jonia, Sheppardopteryx/Meredistrodon, On/Ro, Juán Separdo/Rodnizuma
Podfic: [Four Times John and Rodney... (mp3)] read by [personal profile] pennyplainknits//[livejournal.com profile] pennyplainknits, 11:25, 10.5MB, mp3
Contains: crack, historical inaccuracies, biological impossibilities, fun with physics, crack, general ignorance in matters of the natural sciences, incidental genderswap (kind of), crack, wild speculation on the mating habits of homo erectus, a woeful lack of porn, and crack. Also, not beta-read.
Author's Summary: "Hi, I'm Sheptron. Wanna fuse?"
My Notes (story): Five delightful cracky AUs
My Notes (podfic): I can't listen to this podfic at work because then I'm grinning and chuckling and it looks suspiciously like I'm not working when I really am! (my life is so hard *g*). (There's the occasional clicking sound on the podfic which might bother some listeners.)
Why it fits: This might cross over your line into crack but I'm not sure (my crack-meter is broken when it comes to SGA), and as I find this very funny and not over the top, I'm including it. Each of these five AUs are fun and certainly fit into the 'unusual situations' category.
Alternate links: [Four Times John and Rodney Furthered the Evolution... (LJ)]

Story: The Effects of Wraith Enzyme on the Limbic System: Being a Cautionary Tale to Inhabitants of the Pegasus Galaxy
Author: [livejournal.com profile] propinquitine // [personal profile] propinquitine
Fandom, etc.: SGA, gen, rated PG-13 for snark around alcoholic beverages, ~860 words and 11 images, vague season 2 spoilers, season 8 spoilers.
Pull quote: These images and accompanying text were sent by anonymous courier to the Fishlandia Print Office. They appear to have been recovered from the closed-circuit monitoring system of the Wraith enzyme distillation facility discovered in Atlantis Expedition Year 8. [no author summary given.]
My Notes: John and Rodney's highly amusing back-and-forth annotations of photos of one of their off-world adventures.
Lack of impartiality of the reccer: This story exists and is this awesome because I was too busy to write it myself. To explain, I give you storytime: About a week before the Codename Bacon project went live, [livejournal.com profile] propinquitine asked [personal profile] winkingstar and myself if there was anything she could do to help ameliorate our frazzledness. I shoved these photos at her and babbled incoherently about captioning them. And this is the awesome that she produced! Thus ends storytime. And since I know some people like to know if the reccer beta'ed or prompted the work, I thought I ought to mention this.
Why it fits: There's a mock-academic intro, funny pictures of John and Rodney and humourous banter, what more could one wish for?
Companion Recipe: [Wraith Enzyme Cocktail]
Link to entire project: [De Re Coquinaria Pegasi]: an SGA cookbook, with recipes, illustrations, and stories. (Called 'Codename Bacon' prior to the unveiling of the project.)

Story: Board Wars
Author: [livejournal.com profile] greyias//[personal profile] greyias and [livejournal.com profile] jadesfire2808//[personal profile] jadesfire
Fandom, etc.: SGA, gen, PG, 1 LJ post (has both text and images)
Contains: [skip] Spoilers for S3 "The Game" through to S4 "Lifeline"
Author's Summary: "Earth seems to have a lot of games." // "We get bored easily."
My Notes: I have a fondness for stories which are built around notes scrawled between different people and this story is a good example of such a thing-- the lists and the story complement and supplement each other well. There is a good mix of humor and drama/references-to-serious-stuff-which-happens-in-canon. The team dynamics and interactions are very good.
Why it fits: Makes me laugh!

Story: The Laundry Ultimatum and The Hamster Supremacy
Author: [livejournal.com profile] explodedpen
Fandom, etc.: SGA; gen; PG-13; 6630 + 7204 words
Author's Summary: A week in the life of the bravest man to ever walk the hallways of Atlantis... the laundry guy. || The one where they’re turned into the Pegasus Galaxy equivalent of hamsters and travel back in time. All in a days work really.
Author's Notes: The Hamster Supremacy is '[a] sort of but not really sequel to last years "The Laundry Ultimatum". More of a companion story really.'
My Notes: Both of these are great reads and help flesh out the stories of people other than the main cast.
Why it fits: Have you ever really thought about the perils of doing laundry for the Lanteans? Surely that is a job which must be filled with as much danger and excitement as any other! :) And the attitude which Sergeant Ward takes to his job is great fun. || It's fun to watch all the people who don't realise that the hamsters are Team Sheppard but the biologists in particular are extra-amusing.

Smallville: 4 fics (including 1 associated podfic), 1 fic with occasional illustrations

Story: Eighty-eight Nights and Counting
Author: [livejournal.com profile] mahaliem
Fandom, etc.: Smallville, Kal-El/Lex, rated teen, 1 LJ post
Contains: [skip] off-screen natural disasters and redshirt deaths.
Pull quote: A guard approached his throne and bowed down. "A representative from Kansas has arrived with a gift for you." // Kal-El perked up. Kansas was at the heart of the last and most effective of the resistance movements. His troops were now concentrating all of their efforts there, having subdued everywhere else on the globe. The latest reports Kal-El had received indicated that only a ragtag group of resistance fighters remained. [no author summary given.]
My Notes: Clark (as Kal-El) is an Alien Overlord intent upon conquering Earth and Lex is a resistance-fighter. One day Lex Luthor is brought in front of Kal-El as a prisoner and Kal-El asks him why his life should be spared. And thus Lex begins telling the story of Farmboy and Richboy and their companions. (I love it when stories use the Scheherazade device well.)
Why it fits: A nice switch-up with Lex not being the Evil Overlord for a change. Plus, there's [livejournal.com profile] mahaliem's usual wonderful humour and, due to the Scheherazade-plot, we have moments where the characters of this story get to remark upon various stupidities of the Smallville scripts/plots.

Story: Wabbit Hunting
Author: [livejournal.com profile] supacat
Fandom, etc.: Smallville, a bit of Clark/Lex flirting, rated G, 1500 words
Author's Summary: written for the prompt "Kryptonite turns Clark (or Superman) into a bunny. Lex grabs his gun and goes wabbit hunting."
My Notes: I love this story *spreads arms wide* thiiiiiis much! Superman is turned into a bunny! Lex pets the bunny! Lex and his assistant bond over rabbit-care (and then Lex realises what he's doing and he glares at himself for being so plebeian!)!
Why it fits: Despite the premise, I decided this didn't qualify as crack because the transformation was treated very matter-of-fact-ly (and, well, because Smallville is another one of those shows where weirder things than unexpected transformations into bunnies happens all the time in canon). Plus, I really couldn't stand to leave it out because it makes me smile.

Story: Just Pie
Author: [livejournal.com profile] liviapenn // [Liviapenn (AOOO)]
Fandom, etc.: Smallville, gen to Lex/Clark, teen, 1 LJ post
Pull quote: "Five hundred up front," Clark said in his ear as they headed for the door. "Cash. And pie." // Lex blinked at him as they stepped out into the chill Metropolis night, sure he'd misheard. "Pardon me?" // "Five hundred dollars is 'cause I'm gonna lose my job," Clark said, glancing back inside with slight reluctance. He looked back at Lex and grinned. "The asking price for an evening in my company is pie. Non-negotiable." [no author summary given.]
My Notes: I believe this was written on the theory that the SV fandom needed more hooker!fic but I'm reccing it on the basis of pie! Lex thinks Clark is a hooker and then there's discussion about the meaning of pie! This amuses me :) Um, yes, evidently pie -- along with unicorns and transforming-into-kittens -- is something I think ought to show up in fic more frequently.(This story uses *asterisks* to show emphasis rather than italics or boldface, if that matters to you.)
Why it fits: Makes me laugh and hopefully it will amuse you too.
Podfic: [Just Pie (mp3)] read by [livejournal.com profile] reena_jenkins, 22.4 MB, 20:44 (added 4 May 2011)

Story: Moving On
Author: [shallot (personal site)] // [personal profile] astolat // [livejournal.com profile] astolat // [astolat/shallot (AOOO)]
Fandom, etc.: Smallville/Justice League, Clark Kent (Superman)/Lex Luthor, rated adult, 20K words
Podfic: read by twilight ([livejournal.com profile] twilight_angel); 2:18:46; [mp3 of 'Moving On' (61.5 MB)] and [m4b of 'Moving On' (66 MB)]
Contains: [skip] Interstellar war, with discussion of attendant deaths/atrocities [incl some states which practice enslavement]/etc. The rating is due to the sexual content. Very brief mention mention of child abuse at the society level. There's times when I could see the Clark/Lex relationship being interpreted as coercive although it does not read that way to me.
Author's Summary: What you do when there are no more worlds to conquer. [Alternate summary provided by the author: Lex conquers the galaxy, in STYLE.]
My Notes (story): I love the tension here, how Clark and Lex's relationship is not easy or simple but things eventually do come together well. I love Bruce-as-Batman in this story. A very tightly-told story.
Why it fits: I debated for quite a while on if I wanted to include this story on this rec list because the humour in it is of a different sort than most of what I'm reccing here and that I'm not sure it would qualify as humour for everyone, but then I decided eh, you bid on me as a reccer so I might as well rec according to my inclinations. Which is to say that this story might much more qualify as a drama (or maybe even a romance in that 'oh you superhero comics, you are so very warped' way), strictly speaking, than it does as a humour piece. But there are some lovely really funny moments, plus there's the whole comics-crack thing going on with the situations-- which does sort of fall under 'unusual situations'. I know you said you preferred humour not just from crack but I'm including this because I think it's crack in the style of the canon and thus I'm hoping/assuming that that is a sort which is acceptable to you. Also, the occasional accompanying art is good times too.

Crossovers solely among the given fandoms: 4 fics

Story: untitled psych/doctor who ficlet
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ignipes
Fandom, etc.: Doctor Who/Psych, gen, rated G, 900 words.
Author's Summary: In which there may or may not be something terrorizing the sewers.
My Notes and Why it fits: Good interactions between the Doctor and Shawn and good Shawn'n'Gus, plus the crack of both shows mixes well :) There's also a number of good lines.

Story: Indistinguishable From Magic (AOOO)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] netgirl_2yk // [personal profile] netgirl_y2k // [Netgirl_y2k (AOOO)] // [Netgirl_y2k (Teaspoon)]
Fandom, etc.: Merlin (BBC) and Doctor Who, gen, rated G, 5400 words
Contains: Terribly vague spoilers to S2, so vague that I'm not even bothering to put this in the hide-text like I say I ought.
Author's Summary: Morgana is a Time Lord in a fob watch. No, really, she is.
My Notes: A nice exploration of a possibility I hadn't thought of.
Why it fits: Totally delightful with a dash of angst for flavouring. Some absolutely wonderful lines.
Alternate links: [Indistinguishable From Magic (DW)]

Story: Once and Future (AOOO)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] mad_maudlin // [personal profile] mad_maudlin // [Mad_Maudlin (AOOO)]
Fandoms: Merlin (BBC) and Captain Jack Harkness (with hints of Torchwood and Doctor Who)
Stats: Arthur/Merlin, Captain Jack/Ianto, Captain Jack/Merlin, rated teen, 11K words
Contains: [skip] alcohol abuse, drunkenness, PTSD. General spoilers for series 1 of Merlin. Spoilers for Torchwood: "Cyberwoman," "Something Borrowed" and "Exit Wounds". Spoilers for Dr. Who: "The Parting of the Ways," "Utopia" and "Journey's End."
Author's Summary: Four times Merlin Emrys met Jack Harkness (and one time he met Jack Harkness)
My Notes and why it fits: I find it happy! Or possibly, I find it more satisfystorying than happy, but regardless, I love it and have re-read it multiple times. I love watching Jack and Merlin interact over the years and watching how their life experiences through those years changes (or doesn't change) them and their friendship.
Alternate links: [Once and Future (DW)]
Series: This is the first story in the 'Once and Future' series. The series tag can be found at ['Once and Future' series tag (AOOO)] and ['Once and Future' series tag (DW)]. I haven't read the rest of the series because I've been OMFGworking on this list for so long that when I first wrote this rec there wasn't a sequel.

Story: Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies, or, A Humourous Interlude Between Epics
Author: [personal profile] sam_storyteller // [livejournal.com profile] sam_storyteller (the fanfic journal of Sam Starbuck // [personal profile] copperbadge // [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge)
Fandoms: SGA and Torchwood and Captain Jack Harkness
Stats: rated gen* (*Captain Jack is himself), PG, 1 LJ post long
Contains: [skip] Set during SGA S1, pre-Siege.
Author's Summary: Ianto neglected to introduce himself as he informed the senior staff that Atlantis was now under the jurisdiction of Torchwood, whatever Torchwood is.
My notes: I do love SGA but one must admit that the canon is rather ridiculous and utterly not how a crack exploratory expedition to another galaxy ought to be run. (Torchwood canon, of course, is also ridiculous, but it does at least have a few more procedures in place. Not that it's difficult to beat SGA in this category...) A well-done crossover.
Why it fits: I think that the summary rather provides a convincing 'why to read this', but I do so much enjoy watching Torchwood sweep in and Ianto be all methodical and organised and SGA go 'er?'.

Crossovers which include other fandoms: 4 fics.
The other fandoms: Fandom RPF, Discworld, NCIS

Story: The One Where The Tenth Doctor Moved In With Us
Author: [LizBee]
Fandom, etc.: Doctor Who/Fandom RPF, gen, rated G, 500 words
Author's Summary: Piecesofalice said, "Write a fic about us!" So I did.
My Notes: Delightfully frothy crack.
Why it fits: The crack is the sort that is in-character for the Doctor, so I think it will work for you. Just about every line makes me laugh or smile.

Story: Death and the Definitely-Not-A-Maiden
Author: Anonymous
Fandom: Captain Jack Harkness and Discworld and Torchwood
Stats: gen, rated teen, 1 LJ post in length
Contains: [skip] Mentions of a number of deaths. Spoilers for: Torchwood up to the end of S2; Doctor Who to the end of S3; Discworld through Soul Music.
First line: The first time Jack died, he had enough time to look round confusedly, see the figure in black and go “Wha-” before he was gasping back to life. [no author summary given.]
My NotesJack and DEATH interacting! (In my mind this is basically always gold.) At the beginning it is all very awkward but over time it evolves into a solid and real friendship, complete with teasing and exchanging of Christmas cards. Good grasp of characterisation all around.
Why it fits: A very pleasant read where the humour comes organically from the story.

Story: This is How the Universe Ends (AOOO)
Author: [perryvic] and [shewhoguards] // [livejournal.com profile] googlebrat and [livejournal.com profile] perryvic
Fandoms: Discworld and Captain Jack Harkness
Pairings: Captain Jack Harkness/the Universe; and a bit of Death/Captain Jack Harkness/the Universe
Etc.: rated teen, 4K words
Contains: [skip] character death, sort of? the eventual heat death of the universe, but it doesn't really stick...
Author's Summary: EXCUSE ME, he said, not impolitely. BUT YOU ARE HOLDING UP THE END OF THE UNIVERSE.
My Notes: Jack and DEATH and one universe which isn't quite sure it wants to be over. I think this could quite easily be personal canon for me...
Why it fits: This is a lovely-in-character piece for all involved and is a perfect meshing of the two 'verses. (If you are not familiar with Discworld, I quite enjoy it, so go off and get a few books from the library. Or if maybe it's raining and you don't want to go out then you can still read this now and just enjoy Jack being Jack.)
Alternate links: [This is How the Universe Ends (LJ)]

Story: Highly Classified and Very Hush Hush and Strictly on a Need-to-Know Basis
Author: [personal profile] rageprufrock // [livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock // [rageprufrock]
Fandom, etc.: SGA/NCIS, gen, rated teen, 3K words (total)
Author's Summary: Gibbs sometimes wonders what he did to deserve these morons, but then he looks through the one-way window at three naked and extremely uncomfortable-looking Marines and figures it could be worse. || "For fuck's sake, Gibbs — is this some kind of exchange program that I don't know about?"
My Notes and why it fits: Crossovers with SGA where the NCIS folks end up scratching their heads going 'huh?' tend to be either angsty and serious or hysterical. This is one of the latter :) Can be read without knowing the NCIS people.
Podfics: [Highly Classified And Very Hush Hush (mp3)] (14.1 MB, 11:44) // [Strictly on a Need to Know Basis (mp3)] (11.5 MB, 9:36), read by [livejournal.com profile] reena_jenkins (added 4 May 2011)

Author Recs

I wanted to rec many more things by these authors than I possibly could, so you may want to go give a look through their catalogues:

As always, if anyone spots any inaccuracies/dead links/missing info/additional transformative works (e.g., podfics, commentaries), please let me know.

Date: 2010-07-01 12:50 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Thank you so much for the rec! And I completely agree about that detail of Shawn's characterization; it had me cracking up for ages after I saw that episode. (I also love how overall he's got such a soft spot for animals, like bunnies and the poor, defenseless fish Henry's always trying to get him to kill, N'AWWW, &SHAWN;.)

Date: 2010-07-01 12:51 am (UTC)
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...aand that was me, forgetting to log in. *shuffles off sheepishly*

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