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There was an earthquake and it wasn't pretty. And so, fen, doing what fen so often do, decided that a fanworks auction ([livejournal.com profile] help_haiti) was the thing to do. I can only do so much to help with my own pocket book, so I'm hoping to encourage someone else to donate as well.

[My link at the help-haiti comm]

I'm offering up a rec set to prompter's specifications! Anything you want, I will answer to the best of my ability! This is a great way to, for example, ask me for zombie fics *shudders*. Or really, anything else you think I wouldn't normally do. Or! You can ask for something that I might already do but this way you will ensure that I do that rec list next! I imagine the bidding for me is going to be less than fierce, so why not donate something small and watch me dance to your bidding. *Dance, puppet, dance!* :)

And you might be saying, but Fish, you are busy? To which I reply: Yes, yes I am. That's why I specifically state that it will take however long it takes.

FWIW, I used to think fannish auctions were a bit of an odd beast but then I thought about them in this light: there is something which both you (the bidder) and me (the biddee? Oh I really hope not. How about, 'puppet' *grins*) think is worthwhile. The bidder donates a monetary amount which zee is comfortable with (possibly in name of the puppet or the bidder or both. Or maybe neither.) and in celebration of that fact the puppet creates something for the bidder. Or perhaps could think about it as enticement upon the part of the puppet-- the puppet is sweetening the deal by providing the bidder with, well, story-time: Once upon a time, OTW wanted donations. At around that same once upon a time there was a fish staring at her sock drawer asking herself, 'I'm a fish, why do I have socks? More importantly, why are they not in my sock drawer? Why, furthermore, as Queen of Fishlandia do I still have chores to do?' And the answers were many and varied and sadly never involved pineapple smoothies but the point, Shawn, is that you got rewards for cleaning your room. Rewards which came out of petty cash. Exactly, Gus! Which means, disposable money ready to be disposed of! If I chose to dispose of that income on pineapple smoothies [personal profile] general_jinjur's podfic, who am I to be blamed?

Okay, I've got to admit, the use of the word puppet right there is starting to bother me a bit (I'm getting those puppet-horror-movie vibes).** Which brings me to my point, my delicious magic eight ball! The end result of a fannish auction is donations to a good cause and more fanwork-- how is this not awesome?!

**But I can't think of something else so I'm leaving it for the nonce. And maybe this will serve as a note to me in the future that what I think is a good idea (or a cutesy name) isn't always. *shudders* I think I just gave myself nightmares: zombie puppets! I'm not quite sure how this works but still! ETA: I just realised I could have used 'donor' and 'artist' instead of 'bidder' and 'puppet'. *facepalm*

Son Daughter Progeny (?) of footnote: Yeah, look, the Psych voice? It just kind of crept in there and amused me. I'm leaving it. And only time will tell if that was an excellent-but-turns-bad idea (like 'puppet') or an excellent-turns-awesome idea. Only time! Or perhaps the ?.? faces of my flisters. One or the other!

My advert info, repeated here:

I am offering: a rec set of fanworks to the prompt that you give. It will have at least four things in it and, judging from previous rec sets, may have as many as 8 or 15. I consume fic (mostly) and podfic (some), so your recs would most likely be from those. Your prompt can be as specific or as general as you like. (prior recs at [livejournal.com profile] fish_recs)

Fandoms: I'm probably leaving things off of this, so feel free to ask if there is something that isn't here that you think I might be into. (Oh, I am also willing to offer recs of pro-fic, either shows/movies/book-series/individual-books or specific episodes or specific books from series. In my book readings I'm generally sci-fi/fantasy, if that helps.)
Major fandoms (alphabetically): folk tales, HP, Leverage, Merlin, Mythbusters, Psych, Riese, SGA, SPN, SPN RPF
Not-as-major fandoms (alphabetically): Bandom, Better Off Ted, Buffy/Angel-verse, Doctor Who 'verse (incl. Torchwood), Firefly, Smallville, Sports Night, Star Trek Reboot, White Collar, Vorkosigan 'verse, Wiseguy

Additional Info: I will not have a quick turn-around time, but I absolutely promise that I will do this. Exactly how long will depend on how much rereading/hunting down fic/finding new fic/etc I have to do (plus on everything else which has an obligation on my time, sadly). FWIW, this would be my highest priority rec list.
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