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Hallo all! I'm sorry that this is not nearly as exciting as any of the rec sets which are in progress (and are totally going to be awesome, sez me, just as soon as they are finished, drat), but since I do seem to be doing things slowly, and since I've just realised that my private bookmarks are not visible to people not me... *facepalm*

I do try to keep my past rec posts updated with additional related works as they are produced and as I come aware of them (so, things like podfic versions, remixes, commentary, blah blah blaaaaaaah), but I don't always update the entry quickly, plus lately I've only been privately bookmarking things and not updating the posts. This, of course, is not at all useful to anyone who'd like to follow those nonexistent links :( And since I assume that a peruser of my recs would prefer to have a link now even if it isn't very snazzy rather than to wait until I have time to do all the coding to prettify things, here's a small policy change:

I've gone through my 'update recs list with this' bookmarks and dropped all the links into comments to the corresponding original recs post. I'll continue to do this whenever I run across a link if don't have the time/brainpower/whatever to actually insert the link properly into the post. As I have the brainpower/etc, I'll add the links from my comments to the posts (and unless someone has responded to my comment, I'll delete my comment, just for neatness's sake). Unlike with links in the post proper, it is quite possible that the works linked in my comments might not be in the tags.

Okay, perfectly clear like mud? Good! *goes back to poking a rec list with a stick*

[here's an example post that has an updating comment, if you'd like to see what I mean]
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Because all the cool kids are doing it...

If for some reason you'd like to contact the mods of this comm*, you can leave a comment here (anon comments are on and IP logging is off) which will be automatically screened. Because replying to a screened comment automatically unscreens it, if you'd like a response to your comment, please leave some way to contact you. You can also reach the mods via the email address given in the profile or via PM.

*currently this is me (fish-echo) and I don't have any plans to change that. But since it is possible that this could change in the future (e.g., if I have a planned hiatus from fandom I'll ask someone else to mod the comm in order to ensure that there is someone actively in charge of it.), I've decided to phrase it this way.
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There is now a Dreamwidth feed of this comm which can be found at [fish-recs-feed], courtesy of [personal profile] starlady.

I have become less and less comfortable on LJ lately, so I am planning on moving the comm over to Dreamwidth at some point. When that happens, I will still have some way of notifying LJ users of those posts (I need to look into what the different options are). This is all still in the early planning stages and I'll keep you updated. Your thoughts, as always, are welcomed.
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(NB: If you want to see this post with all the cut tags in place, go to [the 'journal policies' tag] and scroll to the bottom.)

The title of this post makes it seem much more, I don't know, authoritative and official than it actually is. I have spent a while thinking about recs and how I rec things and what I want to be doing with my recs-- I just haven't come to lots of final conclusions. But since you may care, I'll share what my current thoughts are. These may change, and if they do I'll update this. If you have feedback you'd like to give me, I'd be more than happy to hear it!

Warnings, Spoilers, Contains
I had a lot to say on this topic )

This got really long. Amazingly long, in fact. )

This one is so short it doesn't really need a tag but it looked lonely without one. )

'Ships, pairings, the definition of gen
Yay for nested bulleted lists taking up space )

Misc (Specifically: the sorts of things I rec, where I rec, cut tag policy, frequency of posts)
Ahahahahaa, a cut tag that contains info about cut tags! I crack myself up sometimes. )

At this point I'm just cut-tagging left and right. )

cut tag left. )

Your opinions and feedback
cut tag right )

Most recent update: 26 July 2010
changes: Fixed a rogue 'small' tag. Added podficpool as a crossposting comm. Put the 'journal policies tag' statement at the top. Futzed with the wording of the Accessibility section. Did some stuff in the 'tags' section [clarified the difference between 'type:' and 'type[assoc]:' tags; hyperlinked tags given in the 'tag' section; very minor edits in the 'wip' tagging section; clarified LJ's 'searching by multiple tags' thing; made tags with action I need to take prefaced by 'fish' for easy searching]. (Oy, now I remember that this is why I haven't done a change log before-- because I always end up futzing with way more stuff than I initially intended to and then the log gets ridiculous-looking).

Previous updates:
a small, informal change-log, why I'm maintaining this, I don't even know.... )

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