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Are you in the middle of December stress? Do you need fanworks which remind you that the world is indeed an awesome place? Did you think that the next rec set I posted was going to be Shawn/Gus from Psych? Are you surprised that evidently I had remembered a bunch of Psych stories as S/G when in fact they were gen? Are you going to be at all suprised that this isn't a Psych rec set?

Anyway, onto the recs!

As always, these are in no particular order. 2 WIPs (now both finished): SPN (gen, Hockey AU), Star Trek Reboot (Spock/Kirk, detective AU), 1 vid (Mythbusters, Adam/Jamie), 1 completed fic and art and podfic (SPN, Sam/Castiel). ETA: updated entries in the 'Five for Fighting' story 18 May 2011 )

18 May 2011: updated and elaborated the 'Five for Fighting' entry
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For my policy on things such as spoilers, warning, and ratings, please [see my policy post].

I offered recs to [livejournal.com profile] pixiequeen10thk because she's just come into SPN fandom and I've been here a while. She asked for long, plotty stories (with the occasional sex scene), happy endings are awesome (but crying on the way is permissible), prefers Dean/Castiel and is squicked by incest.

This rec list actually gave me a bit of trouble as I had less overlap between her preferences and fics I read/liked than I had expected. Part of that is I think of angels as sexless beings and thus haven't read very much Dean/Castiel (and what I do like within that pairing isn't likely to be a favourite of a D/C shipper) but another part is certainly that I seem to collect a high percentage of crack/humour in this fandom compared to fandom standard. Anyway, I hope you enjoy at least some of what I have here!

a dozen-ish fics, 1 podfic, 1 art, 3 crossovers (SGA, Criminal Minds, Blade Runner). )

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