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[Clicky clicky to see this post with the cuts hiding things!]

My policy on how I do my recs (including for things like warnings and spoilers) can be found at [my policy post about my recs], for those interested.

I won the services of two podficcers, [livejournal.com profile] lunchy_munchy and [personal profile] via_ostiense, during the first round of the [livejournal.com profile] help_japan auction. And once the podfics started arriving in my inbox, I though, 'Oh, hey, wouldn't it be cool if I wrote up recs for these as they came in and as I listened to them?' The answer to that is, 'Obviously, yes!' But that raises the question: 'Did I do that?', to which the answer is obviously 'hahhahahaa, you must be new here if you think there was a snowball's chance of me following through on that.' But I'm going to count it as a partial victory, because there are still stories to be podficced, so I'm at least a little bit on top of things. Ish. Sorta? Eh, close enough!

As I starting thinking on this rec set, I noticed that there were other fanworks which just kept creeping in round the edges. And in fine Fishly fashion, I decided to roll with that. So what we have here is each podfic recorded for me paired with another fanwork(s) in some manner which I swear makes sense to me! :D I've used horizontal rules to separate each set visually because I like imposing order.

'Dear Kunsel' and 3 other sets )

'Flatmate Wanted' and 3 other sets )

'The Care and Feeding of Tiny Humans (and slightly larger Time Lords)' and 1 other set )

'World Domination Is Harder Than It Looks' and 1 other set )

'Redemption Song' and 'You're Gonna Make it After All' as well as 3 other sets )

As usual, if I've got inaccuracies, broken links, or missing info (especially podfics, DVD commentaries, and sequels/prequels), please let me know.
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For my policy on things such as spoilers, warning, and ratings, please see [my policy post].

If you'd like to see this rec set with all cuts intact (nicely hiding everything), clicky clicky: [This post with cuts intact].

I've had to split this rec set into two LJ posts due to size, but it's also kind of convenient from a thematic point of view. [The first part of this rec set] is in my regular format for recs, but I've done something a bit different with this part. (And I know the requester mostly cares about fic, but I really couldn't write these up any other way, sorry).

There were two constellations of fanworks which I wanted to include on this list which were troublesome to my normal format for the happy-making reason of having too many associated fan works to be able to apply my usual header template unaltered. What I have here are two fics (both fanfic of the Harry Potter series) which each spawned a number of works in a variety of media.

I really really love cases like this-- where we see fen springboarding off of another fan's work. I think the dynamic in these cases is subtly different than that between canon and fanwork-- possibly because of the complete loop which feedback goes producing different sorts of things or possibly it just has to do with the differences in perceived playing field between the two cases and then with that being something that shows up in the work which they create, or possibly it has more to do with how I perceive it, but regardless, it's awesome). Irregardless of the exact reason why, I do love it, and hopefully you do/will too.

The way I've formatted this is to divide this post up into three sections, the first being this blathery section and the second two being the fanwork constellations associated with each fic. In those two sections, I first rec the initiating fic and then the entire constellation. As always, but especially with these works, please do mention any related works which I've unintentionally overlooked!

'Let's Pretend the War Is Over', two arts, one podfic, and a Fish who natters on. )

'Lamp in the Cooling Room', plus three art and one fic. And lots of Fishy rambles )

As always, if anyone spots any inaccuracies/dead links/missing info/additional transformative works, please let me know.
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Are you in the middle of December stress? Do you need fanworks which remind you that the world is indeed an awesome place? Did you think that the next rec set I posted was going to be Shawn/Gus from Psych? Are you surprised that evidently I had remembered a bunch of Psych stories as S/G when in fact they were gen? Are you going to be at all suprised that this isn't a Psych rec set?

Anyway, onto the recs!

As always, these are in no particular order. 2 WIPs (now both finished): SPN (gen, Hockey AU), Star Trek Reboot (Spock/Kirk, detective AU), 1 vid (Mythbusters, Adam/Jamie), 1 completed fic and art and podfic (SPN, Sam/Castiel). ETA: updated entries in the 'Five for Fighting' story 18 May 2011 )

18 May 2011: updated and elaborated the 'Five for Fighting' entry
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For my policy on things such as spoilers, warning, and ratings, please [see my policy post].

I offered recs to [livejournal.com profile] pixiequeen10thk because she's just come into SPN fandom and I've been here a while. She asked for long, plotty stories (with the occasional sex scene), happy endings are awesome (but crying on the way is permissible), prefers Dean/Castiel and is squicked by incest.

This rec list actually gave me a bit of trouble as I had less overlap between her preferences and fics I read/liked than I had expected. Part of that is I think of angels as sexless beings and thus haven't read very much Dean/Castiel (and what I do like within that pairing isn't likely to be a favourite of a D/C shipper) but another part is certainly that I seem to collect a high percentage of crack/humour in this fandom compared to fandom standard. Anyway, I hope you enjoy at least some of what I have here!

a dozen-ish fics, 1 podfic, 1 art, 3 crossovers (SGA, Criminal Minds, Blade Runner). )
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For my policy on things such as spoilers, warning, and ratings, please [see my policy post].

Short podfics are easy to overlook but often can be great. If you line up several of them, they're an excellent way to pass a short trip without worrying that you'll only be half-way through by the time you arrive. But I think listeners are sometimes wary of downloading the very short podfics, because the effort to length ratio is too large. So! Here's some great short podfics!

5 podfics, all under ten minutes, in SGA, Bones, Doctor Who, Discworld, Torchwood, Harry Potter, and Supernatural (yay for cross-overs!) )

[Originally posted] at [info - personal] fish-echo on 23 August 2009
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For my policy on things such as spoilers, warning, and ratings, please [see my policy post].

[livejournal.com profile] leviticus_lied [has asked] for suggestions for things to turn into podfics, and I've been meaning to post recs. So I've decided to combine those at the moment, and here's some fic that I like and that I think would be nice as podfics.

The Ones Where They are a Unicorn and a Rainbow (and a Dolphin and a Warm Spring Breeze):
Part One-- But Where Would They Live and Part Two-- The Dreams That You Dare to Dream (Or, But What Would the Children Look Like?) by [livejournal.com profile] thingswithwings
Fandom etc: Crack. I highly doubt any knowledge of the canon is even necessary, but for the sake of completeness, the fandom is SGA. John/Rodney, side Teyla/Ronon. PG
Author's Rating/Warning: Part one: this is fic in which RODNEY IS A UNICORN AND JOHN IS A RAINBOW. no ratings or warning will sufficiently prepare you for this. the MPAA doesn't have a category for this. it is pure, unadulterated crack, and I have nothing to say in my own defense. Part two: I just don't know where to start. it's now unicorn/rainbow kidfic.
My Review: Pure awesome crack. Completely ridiculous. I have a very large soft spot for crack and the absurd. I'm positive that no knowledge of the fandom or canon is necessary for these stories. However, these are well-told crack!fics. It is the little moments that make the story worth re-reading when the crack-craving hits. The interpersonal interactions are done very well. I'm kinda shocked that I'm writing that about, well, a rainbow and the rest of the motley crew, but yeah, it works. Plus, rainbow/unicorn kidfic! Don't worry, Unicorn Rodney spends most of the second story being as confused by how that works as you are. There's an amazing amount of canon-compliant characterization for a rainbow and unicorn fic--hey, a grumpy unicorn Rodney, that's gotta be worth the price of admission alone.
EDIT 5 April 2009: [livejournal.com profile] general_jinjur recorded these for me as a bribe for me to donate to [Archive of Our Own] and she did an absolutely wonderful job. She manages to make thoughts inside the characters' heads sound different from their spoken dialogue. She does an excellent job of doing the tone of voice when reading. Aaaand she made lovely covers for the audiobooks from art done for the fic. *squishes the podfics tightly to her chest*
Audiofic (m4b): Both stories (30:17), Part 1 (11:34), Part 2 (18:42), read by [livejournal.com profile] general_jinjur
Podfic (mp3):Part 1, Part 2

Minerva McGonagall and the Insurance Salesman, Part 1 by [livejournal.com profile] googlebrat
Fandom etc: Harry Potter, G, Gen, Humour, 1300 words.
Author's Summary: The hapless insurance salesman squirmed. "If you will recall, Professor McGonagall, last time we spoke I told you we wished to cancel your policy. The amount of issues the school has . . . it's simply too high-risk for us..."
My Review: A humourous piece--- It's really not fair to sic Professor McGonagall on an unsuspecting Muggle insurance salesman, but since he thought when his daughter turned out to be a witch that the Wizarding World would be a good place for insurance, I don't feel too bad for him. No wait, I do, because he has no idea what he's getting in for. In theory, there is a Part Two, but my search-fu is weak and can't find it.

Every Librarian Has Her Day by Martha ([livejournal.com profile] marthas_library/[livejournal.com profile] mad_martha)
Fandom: Harry Potter. Gen, PG, 965 words.
Author's Summary: What did Madam Pince do during the Battle of Hogwarts?
My Summary*: The Hogwarts Librarian contributes to the battle... Battle Tomes! Actually, it's more of her musing on duty and knowledge before releasing The Battle Tomes. Dum Dum Dum!
Review: This is a wonderful short story that somehow manages to sound really crappy when summarized but is really awesome when you read it. Which I guess means that the all the rest of the words that the author used really were necessary :P Madam Pince's thoughts while preparing to protect her library and the school show her great strength of character. The writing of this piece is very tight, but doesn't seem over-written. Whenever I re-read it I realize that a good portion of what I remember-- atmosphere, fact-lets, etc-- was merely suggested and not explicitly stated. As I said before, excellent writing here. I really wish the muse would poke Martha in the brain with the companion piece that is Madam Pomfrey's (the school nurse).
*really, I just wanted an excuse to write "the battle tomes" repeatedly
Podfic version!: [livejournal.com profile] winkingstar recorded this for me! [mp3] and [m4b]
My notes on the podfic version: This is lovely! Her calm voice is perfect for such a contemplative story and the emotions still ring strong. The final line of the story contains a large punch and she delivers it perfectly. (Plus, I love getting to the end of any podfic by winkingstar because she always sounds happy at the final 'the end', and the 'finis' here is lovely.) There may have been actual flailing of hands when I got to the end, but if there was, I'm not telling you about it, so you can't prove anything. EEEEEEE happy :)[originally posted here]

Also, one art link, because consistency is a sign of a small mind (quote mangled, I know):
art: http://pics.livejournal.com/iltaru/pic/000420y9/ by [livejournal.com profile] iltaru
summary: is sooo awesome and cute!
Fic: Drop Dead Gorgeous by Maya

As per usual, if I've got inaccuracies, broken links, or missing info (especially podfics, DVD commentaries, and sequels/prequels), please do let me know.

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