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Are you in the middle of December stress? Do you need fanworks which remind you that the world is indeed an awesome place? Did you think that the next rec set I posted was going to be Shawn/Gus from Psych? Are you surprised that evidently I had remembered a bunch of Psych stories as S/G when in fact they were gen? Are you going to be at all suprised that this isn't a Psych rec set?

Anyway, onto the recs!

Story: Five For Fighting (entry updated 18 May 2011)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] trolllogicfics (writing journal) // [livejournal.com profile] spastic_visions (personal journal)
Fandom, etc.: SPN (Hockey AU!), gen (Dean, Sam centered with an epic supporting cast), PG-13, currently 5 chapters, with plans for at least seven completed in 12 chapters+epilogue
Contains: hockey and awesome. WIP.
Author's Summary: For the Winchester brothers hockey was always something apart from hunting until one season it suddenly wasn’t.
My Notes: This is a fic that makes the world happier place for me because it exists! There's some great characterisations and fun lines (and even a hockey primer for those who don't really know the game) and Jess is alive and awesome. The author's enthusiasm for this fic really shows through and I love this fic to pieces. This is a WIP but the author is dedicated to finishing the fic so you can rest assured that it will be finished.
Why it fits: It's an SPN AU where the boys (and something like everyone ever) are on a hockey team and they still are Hunters. If this isn't awesome, I don't know what is! :)
ETA Alternate link: The link given above is to the LJ tag for the story. The first chapter of [Five for Fighting] is here (note that each chapter contains links to all other chapters! Yay!
ETA Additional works: This story has spawned a lovelylovelylovely verse with a variety of fandoms represented, and I absolutely adore it all. The verse tag is [hockey!AU]
ETA More recs: I've recced two other stories in this verse [on my hockey rec set]

Story: Only Good for Legends
Author: [info - personal] leupagus
Fandom, etc.: Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock (side Amanda/McCoy), NC-17, currently 3 chapters (out of 5) are completed.
Contains: Spock in a fedora. Currently a WIP. AU.
Author's Summary (for each chapter): Detective Spock, born on Vulcan and resident of San Francisco, is assigned to the Midwest police bureau. I think everyone can guess what happens next. || Spock decides that Iowa is acceptable, and Kirk builds things. || Spock comes back to San Francisco and tries to forget about Jim. Which is hard to do.
My Notes: Great characterisation, wonderful AU, awesome secondary characters (who also have great characterisation). Note that even though it's being updated slowly, it will be completed.
Why it fits: I love this story so very very much that I reread it frequently even though it's not finished. *smishes story*
Sequels: There are currently three additional snippets in this verse (they can also be found at the above tag).

Vid: James Bondage
Vidder: [info - personal] thingswithwings
Song & Artist: "James Bondage," by Pansy Division (slightly edited)
Fandom, Etc.: Mythbusters, Jamie/Adam, 2:18, 36 MB
Format: AVI, lyrics provided at post, version with captioning will be up soon
Author Notes/Summary: I have completed another Jamie/Adam Mythbusters vid. This one is, in fact, a Jamie/Adam Mythbusters vid about bdsm. I can't help it! Once I heard this song, I really had no choice. I have no real explanation for this, except . . . what else do you do with this kind of footage?
My Notes: This is a great amusing and light-hearted vid! The song and the clips match amazingly well--I am in awe of thingswithwings for this vid, seriously.
Why it fits: This makes me smile fit to split my face!

Story: not safe for anything
Author: [livejournal.com profile] laulan
Fandom, etc.: SPN crack, Sam/Castiel, rated G (except for the brain-hurt), 450 words
Podfic: [mp3] by [livejournal.com profile] tehopheliac, 4:07, 3.8 MB
Art: On the fic page, by [livejournal.com profile] gypsy_sunday. It's really sweet and not at all brain-breaking!
Author's Summary: From the Sam/Castiel meme of lulz: "Pony!Sam/Snail!Castiel, forbidden love."
My Notes (story): This breaks my brain. But hey, the associated art is nice. :)
My Notes (podfic): Amusing and still brain-breaking :)
Why it fits: Because it's hard to be completely *grrr* when your brain is going o.0 Are you one of those people who hears 'Bleck! i think this milk is off! Here, taste it!' and then does taste it? (I'm one of those people. I also like to make faces when it turns out that the milk that I was told is off is actually off.) In the spirit of that, this fic will sprain your brain, go read it! (Previously recced on my journal.)

18 May 2011: updated and elaborated the 'Five for Fighting' entry
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