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For my policy on things such as spoilers, warning, and ratings, please see [my policy post].

This is a post of odds and ends of recs which had been laying about my journal.

Reposting of OTW bribery recs
As I mentioned a bit ago, I offered recs to anyone who donated to the OTW. These were meant to be casual, informal recs and as such I didn't reread the stories before reccing. This means my normal policies do not apply! (Yes, even my stated policies for the 'contains' line do not apply!) I was sad that only one person took me up on this :( Oh well, there's always next time.

I recced the following stories to [personal profile] dodificus:
For you, I rec this! (Umm, note that this is from memory & my emailed comment reply-- I haven't reread it.)
[Tricking] by [livejournal.com profile] rivkat. SPN, Sam/Dean, explicit.
The single thing that sticks in my mind the most about this story is the absolutely wonderful way she uses language and descriptors. And there's also a story and also some sex, but I remember those much less than I remember her language. (And according to my memory, the sexing is of the dirtywronghot sort which I suspect you'll like but which I read through my fingers, not being a fan of Sam/Dean). Here's the comment that I left, which has an example of what I mean by the language:
> Wow, wonderful.
> I love what you do with language in this story. Things like "It was a
> soap-bubble of a story, oily and rainbow-hued like washwater running to
> the gutters. Well, he wasn't asking Sam to drink it."
Actually, it's sufficiently up your alley (and by an author that I know you read) that I wouldn't be surprised if you've already read it ... *does ctrl+f* oh wait, there's your name on the first page of comments. Drat.
ETA: Evidently there is a podfic version of this! I bet it translates really well to podfic, actually. (I am unlikely to listen to it since I don't actually like listening to explicit podfic, sadly). [Tricking (mp3)], read by cath, 35MB, 36:38.

Hmm, perhaps you haven't read this one? (This rec also done without rereading).
[and behind this door...] by [livejournal.com profile] indysaur; SPN RPS: Jared/Jensen; Rating: PG-13 for language; 21,125 words. (fusion with Monster's Inc.)
It was written for this year's [livejournal.com profile] j2_everafter for the movie 'Monsters Inc.'. And prior to reading this fic, I hadn't found a MI fusion into a love story that I was happy with (and I've read a couple, I think). Because-- and this is possibly where I am more picky than other people-- the act of moving to a completely different reality in order to be with someone you love is a nontrivial decision and requires lots of pondering and probably angsting and most likely some regretting and homesickness/homewistfulness (to use a word I just coined). This story is probably a little light on the angsting compared to what would be real, but there is enough that it is close enough to realistic for me. But enough about my issues, I ought to get onto why you should read it! The story claims it's in four parts but that's because it's in 4 LJ posts and really it is actually two parts (with the POV flipped between the parts). I like the way the use of the two POVs layers the information the reader gets, including what's real and what character motivations are. And there's something about this story that's a bit... well, not precisely magical realism, but it is reminiscent of it to me. Hmm, not a terribly informative rec, sorry! But I like it! And maybe you will too?

[Originally posted] at [personal profile] fish_echo on 9 March 2010.

Haven't you always wanted to read a Star Wars/Icelandic Saga fusion?
The [Tattúínárdœla saga] is a blog wherein a grad student is going to retell Star Wars as an Icelandic saga in Old Norse. He's posting English translations at the bottom of the entries but they tend to lag the Norse a bit. You can tell if an entry has been translated because the subject line will have an English translation in it. The [introductory post] is a faux-academic introduction to the volume. Oh, this is awesome! :) :)

[Originally posted] at [personal profile] fish_echo on 18 March 2010.

Finally reposted the last of my old recs (NB: these aren't included in the tags for this post)
Remember how there's been fine print in the comm profile for ages that said that I was still importing entries over from my journal? Well, I'm finally done with that-- took me long enough, no? I think I was planning on redoing the formatting of these all to make them more consistent with my current rec format but I eventually decided that that wasn't ever going to happen so I should just suck it up and post them as is. Here's the links!

As per usual, if I've got inaccuracies, broken links, or missing info (especially podfics, DVD commentaries, and sequels/prequels), please do let me know.
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